Parian: Technology for Retail Automation

Parian is a technology solutions company dedicated to solving retailers' growing pains by making tools to address geographic, labor, and decision-making challenges. Automate self-serve transactions and back office operations today!

Key Benefits:

  1. Increase profits by collecting data to support management decision making
  2. Automate customer ordering with kiosks and tablets
  3. Enforce and audit management behavior and improve store-level performance
  4. Reduce personnel skill requirements and labor hours
Parian Kiosk App
Achieve your self-ordering vision with Parian Kiosk software. Our brand new Android app works with all Android touchscreen panels and tablets, giving you the most cost-effective and flexible solutions. Add self-ordering to your restaurant, retail, or movie theater today with a simple online Parian kiosk portal.
Parian Logistic Platform
Get the most out of your POS with Parian's back office platform. We automate inventory, data reporting, and performance reporting so you can focus on improving profits. We are excited to offer the Logistic Platform to restaurants and retailers.